Unleash the primordial force!


Urkraft Sang

Would you like to master your expression and improve your overall communication skills in a joyful and challenging encounter with your inner songbird? Then this is for you.

Singing has a myriad of benefits. It is known to relieve stress and feelings of loneliness, depression and fear, to enhance learning and speech skills, and to produce overall feelings of happiness, joy and self-confidence. While singing together greatly amplifies these effects.

Urkraft Sang is a workshop in which we work with expression and communication thru music.
We form a circle and bond together to explore the unique expression of the individual voice by singing uplifting songs and mantras from near and far corners of the world.

In the workshop we also introduce different exercises to spark our creativity and free the voice. And as we learn to open up to our curiosity and relax into the music, we become evermore confident and familiar with our own expression, while discovering how singing and playing music is a balance between expressing ourselves and listening to our surroundings.

We facilitate workshops for various fellowships in private and open settings.


Besides, we offer mentorship and guidance in song-writing and composition for individuals and smaller groups of students.

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Urkraft Ting

Would you like a safe space to open up and share your dreams and challenges with like-minded people, to get motivated and inspired to attain your goals? Then this is for you.

By speaking sincerely and fearlessly together, we can change the subconscious programming that has been holding us back from self-realization and discovery of our greatest path. We support your dreams and empower you to transcend any limiting beliefs.

Urkraft Ting is a gathering in truth and compassion to embody the unique expression of the individual soul and to join forces to discover our collective unlimited creative potential.

We form a circle to give voice and ears to what is on our hearts and minds in the moment. In this way we learn from and inspire each other, sharing and exploring ideas with the aim of realizing them without struggle.

One or more specific themes may be explored. And occasionally, speakers are invited to give a presentation to serve as a base for a conversation.

The purpose of Urkraft Ting is to visualize, co-create and manifest an increasingly harmonious reality, and celebrate our freedom of will in the spirit of authenticity, joy and love.

We facilitate workshops for various fellowships in private and open settings.


Besides, we offer therapeutic guidance for individuals or partners, who seek to resolve strain and tension in their relations and overcome the hurdles in their paths.

Feel free to contact us for more information.