Urkraft is the most original and natural force. It is the principal energy from which everything originates and the fundamental force that generates, brings forth and procreates. This force is inherent in all of creation including ourselves.

The purpose of our initiative is to awaken this force within us, to let it shine outwards in the forms of truthful and artistic expression, thereby enhancing our communication and realizing our hidden potentiality.

‘Urkraft’ roughly translates to ‘primordial force’. Yet, the word’s first part ‘Ur’ cannot easily be translated, but is a sonic representation of the birth of the All and the womb of creation. It can be seen as the Nordic equivalent of the ‘Om’ or ‘Aum’ known from Indian tongues. It bares a plethora of etymological relatives in contemporary Germanic languages and beyond. it is closely related to ‘origin’, ‘word’ and ‘world’ to mention just a few.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

– John 1:1, The Bible


Urkraft Unlimited was founded by Jakob Hjorth (Yakox) as an enterprise to facilitate workshops and gatherings with the aim to revive our connection with Nature and Spirit.
In prolific tandem he works with Jurriaan van Oortmerssen (ΔLΔHΔ) in the elaboration and execution of the initiative.
This joint venture at times also involves other extravagant characters.

Some attendees at our musical events have been so kind to express their experience in written words. Read the testimonials!

Jakob Hjorth - Yakox

As an artist I call myself Yakox. Under this name I play and compose songs of adventure and mysteries. – Go tyakox.org to explore the music and more.

Currently, I am also vitally involved in other musical projects such as Triple Fourtune and Raadürr.

Besides, I serve as a freelance music teacher and mentor in the fields of song-writing and composition, and facilitate workshops in the name of Urkraft.

Throughout the years I have undertaken quite a journey thru genres and styles, and undergone a remarkable personal transformation to find my current musical expression.

I was guitarist, singer and song-writer in both ‘Plankton Bros’, ‘Purgatory’ and ‘Skvulp’, while studying and exploring the spacey realms of symphonic electro-music.
Indeed, life is an ongoing alchemical process…

” My mission is to find peace and passion in this ever-present moment, to let Truth ring and fill my being and to radiate it outwards.
I embody the courage to be vulnerable, and let music and words flow thru me unfiltered to reflect the whole gamut of emotions.
I am compelled to express all that I believe myself to be. “


Three amazing musicians! Their music have changed my life for the better! (<– not an overstatement!)

So.. What kind of music do these guys play?
There’s music that plays with your ears, and there’s music that tickles your mind, this music does both, but it does so much more. It goes deeper, it enters your very heart.
Their words and sounds combined manages to create a landscape of fantasy, you feel yourself wander through it, tasting the fruits of melody and smelling the flowers of poetry.
You will feel your spirit lifted, guaranteed!

I have never experienced any music able to spread as much joy, peace and serenity as these guys. I’ve seen them transform a room of tired and closed off people into a crowd of joy – smiling, laughing and dancing. It is pure magic.

They hide it well, but under their coats of earthy colors and simplistic exteriors, they carry with them a rainbow.

– Thor Ivan Nielsen

Listening with attention to Triple Fourtune feels like a deep meditation to me sometimes, because their lyrics are so incredibly profound. When they play in the streets and people walk past, they might perceive how amazingly beautiful the music is.. but if they stop and listen to the words attentively, they will be the recipient of a very important message. This music is such a gift, because either the words or the wonderful sound will resonate with people and increase their awareness and lift their energy. One thing is having these insights and awareness of a deeper truth.. but it’s really special to be able to communicate it like they do.”

– Bonnie Sørensen

This magical music touches your soul, but it also inspires the soul to go even deeper into the spirituel realms.

– Louise David Jensen

I had the pleasure to see these guys performing a couple of times and i am always blown away by their music. It touches me on a deeper level, so magical! The lyrics are amazing and the musicality is almost insane.
Jurriaan, Jakob and Morten are also great guys, super nice and humble. So if you have the opportunity to see them, don’t hesitate. It will be a soulful experience. […]

– Bianca De Kroon

I saw these awesome humans playing live music at Ecstatic dance in Amsterdam last week and i absolutely loved them! I could really feel the depth of the lyrics that filed my heart with a warm fuzzy feeling and it bought a lot of joy into my experience at Ecstatic dance. They really touched me with their friendliness, big hearts, fun energy on stage, and helping me to not only connect with myself through their music but also giving me support through their words and really giving me interesting things to contemplate about.

Thank you sweet souls for sharing your music with me and the rest of the dancers! What a special experience it was! I hope to see you again at Ecstatic dance soon!!

Love and Light and Luck on your musical adventure! Keep sharing and keep shining! Blessings until next time.

– Courtney Hughes